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GIPS extends fall break with mental health days

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On Thursday, October 14, 2021 at the Grand Island Public Schools Board of Education meeting, the board approved a calendar change for the upcoming fall break. November 22 and 23 will now be mental health days for staff and students, which extends fall break. Fall break will now be November 22-26, 202. There will be no school on those days.

GIPS recognizes that families need to plan ahead for these changes. The district has been intentional in carving out this time for mental health and wellness.

The Board of Education recognizes the challenges and stressors staff and students face, especially during this pandemic, and the district is very grateful for their support.

Superintendent Dr. Tawana Grover said in order to take care of others, we must each take care of ourselves.

“By building these days into the calendar, we recognize that these remain unprecedented times,” Dr. Grover said. “We want to create a culture of mental health and wellness at GIPS. The social emotional well being of our staff and students impacts their ability to teach and learn,” Dr. Grover said.

Staff and students have been supportive and have followed COVID guidelines. Staff have worked above and beyond their job expectations and have continued to support each other when we did not have substitutes for certified and classified staff.

“Mental health is not about one moment in time, but how we embed supportive practices into programming for students and staff,” Dr. Grover said. “We will continue to support our staff and students in their well being so we can continue to thrive,” Dr. Grover said.

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