City Of Grand Island

Downtown GI Snow Clean Up To Continue

City Of Grand Island

Crews worked overnight to clear and haul snow from the Downtown Area.  This operation will happen again tonight as not all of the streets were completed.  Parking will be restricted, again tonight, on the streets that still require clearing and hauling. 


Parking on the select streets listed below will be restricted from 8pm on January 20, 2023 until 8am on January 21, 2023:


·         Division Street between Locust Street and Walnut Street

·         2nd Street between Cedar Street and Sycamore Street

·         4th Street between Eddy Street and Beal Street

·         6th Street between Vine Street and Plum Street

·         Elm Street between Division Street and 5th Street

·         Cedar Street between Koenig Street and 5th Street

·         Cleburn St between 1st Street and Union Pacific Railroad

·         Walnut Street between Union Pacific and 5th Street

·         Wheeler Avenue between Union Pacific Railroad and 5th Street

·         Locust Street between Union Pacific Railroad  and 5th Street

·         Pine Street between Union Pacific Railroad Street and 6th Street

·         Sycamore Street between 4th Street and 5th Street

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